Why Cystic Acne is Considered Dangerous?

Why Cystic Acne is Considered Dangerous?

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Cystic Acne

Acne, pimples or zits are common skin problems and occur to anyone on any part of the skin. These are all different types of acne and there are different causes and reasons for each type of acne. The most severe type of acne is cystic acne which is not just painful but inflammatory as well. It develops under your skin in depth and that’s why it must be treated carefully and shouldn’t be left untreated till late else it may leave scars or marks on your skin which may last for months, years or even for whole life.

What is Cystic Acne?

Cystic Acne is one of the kind of acne but it is considered as the most severe form of acne that occurs mostly on the face on cheeks and forehead but it is not limited to face only. You might have observed cystic acne on chin, cystic acne on back and even on hips and legs as well. It’s simply a clogged pore where dirt, oil and bacteria caused infection and created a hard red bump on your skin. It doesn’t have a yellow or whitehead like other acnes.

Cystic acne develops deep under your skin and that’s why you shouldn’t take it easy. Try the best cystic acne treatment so that you may get rid of it as soon as possible. Longer it stays, more the chances are there to get acne marks or scars on your skin which may not go away till rest of your life.

Acne Scars

Whether it is cystic acne on chin, cheeks or even cystic acne on back, from the surface it doesn’t look that much scary but inside your skin, it has spread its roots to deepest layers of your skin. Don’t even try to tease this type of acne with force like you pop the normal whitehead acne or pimples. If you will apply pressure, the chances are there that the infection will spread and you will have to bear pain of not just one but the pain and inflammation of a cluster of cystic acne.

Yourbody try to defend whenever there’s any infection and in this battle lots of cells like white blood cells and skin cells die. Died blood cells becomes the pus while damaged skin cell remains there in the form of dark spots called scars. These scars or the acne scars can be temporary or permanent depending upon the type, condition of acne, type of your skin and your genetics as well. Some skin types are more prone to acne scars while others may not be that much sensitive to allow any scar. Some people have the tendency to scars because their parent’s skin was prone to scars.

Whatever the case is, cystic acne must be treated as it appears on your skin. Making unnecessary delays let the acne spread its roots deeper and hence the chances for marks and scars increases even after the acne is cleared up and that’s because it will damage more skin cells if it stays longer and hence the scar will be bigger and deeper. You might have seen beautiful faces with acne scars which can’t be hidden even after the use of strong makeup base.

Can Cystic Acne Be Prevented?

The simplest answer to this question is “NO”. You can’t prevent completely the acne or even cystic acne to breakout on your skin. But with medications, supplements and prevention you can reduce the risk of cystic acne. And if you have hormonal cystic acne or genetics cystic acne then it’s becomes almost impossible to keep you safe from the eruption of cystic acne.

You’re more prone to cystic acne when there occurs the hormonal imbalance or change in your body and this change or imbalance occurs when you enter the age of puberty, before or after periods, and during or after pregnancy. You must take good care of your skin and consult some dermatologist to keep your skin fresh and spotless. There are some medication side effects as well which can cause cystic acne on your skin like medicines containing androgens, corticosteroids and lithium can cause cystic acne as a side effect. Before taking any such medicine, it’s better to consult the specialists and make preventions accordingly.

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