Don’t avoid the sun and practice moderate sun exposure

Don’t avoid the sun and practice moderate sun exposure

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Sun's out, so Go out!Sun's out, so Go out!

Do you want to have healthy skin after it’s exposed to UV radiation? Do you want to avoid the risk of getting skin cancer? Practicing following tips for safe sun and you may avoid sunburn and all skin cancer risk. Don’t avoid the sun! Avoiding the sun may increase the risk of getting breast and colon cancer. That is why you have to practice moderate sun exposure and avoid inadequate UVB exposure.

Our body produces vitamin D in the skin from sun exposure. Vitamin D protects and improves joint mobility, increase serotonin level in the body, reduce the risk of heart attack and depression. Vitamin D obtains from UVB exposure, reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Here are the signs when you need Vitamin D and sun exposure

Muscle pain and weakness

Visit your doctor if something is out of the ordinary with your muscle. The symptoms are hidden in the beginning. To recognize these symptoms, you may need a long period. That is why you have to visit your doctor as soon as possible when you feel the first signs of muscle weakness

Bone pain

It is very hard to distinguish whether the pain is muscle pain or bone pain. But both kinds of pain may be as a result of vitamin D deficiency.  You need to make more examination with MRI or x-ray to find the source of your pain. If lack of vitamin D is a cause of your pain, your doctor will prescribe you vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D2 is found in food while Vitamin D3 is made by the body through regular sun exposure. Sunlight is a natural source of this vitamin, so people who rarely go outside have a deficiency of it. The best form of Vitamin D supplement is Vitamin D3 because it is easier and natural for the body to absorb it.


You won’t believe, but one sign that you have depression may be a lack of vitamin D.

Sweaty head

Doctors prescribe vitamin D drops to newborn babies if they have a sweaty head. Mothers who are breastfeeding have to eat food rich in vitamin D. But not only baby can have a sweaty head. Adults with vitamin D deficiency may have a sweaty head too.

Respiratory problems

Vitamin D may help you if you have respiratory problems. Consult your doctor and increase your vitamin D intake

Elderly people have vitamin D deficiency.

People under 50 years have vitamin D deficiency. Producing Vitamin D from the body is decreased and people in that age need to increase intake of vitamin D through other sources like food, sunshine, supplements.

The other signs include:


7. Chronic Infections

8. Cardiovascular Disease

9. Psoriasis

10. Chronic pain

11. Tiredness

12. Hypertension

13. Crankiness

14. Chronic Kidney Disease

15. Reduced Endurance


That is why you need the sun. Follow these steps for safe sun

Tips for safe sun exposure

  1. Try to stay out of the sun between and
  2. Check UV index every day.
  3. If you can’t stay out of the sun between the peak time ( and, protect yourself completely

-Use sunscreen SPF 30 and better. The highest level of protection will give you extra protection, but it will not last long.  There are sunscreens with a board spectrum of protection. Prefer creams and lotions which protect from UVA and UVB radiation, then sprays or liquids. If you are on holiday on the beach, buy sunscreen which is water- resistant.

– Apply it 30 minutes, before your sun exposure. Reapply it on every 1-2 hours. Put sunscreen on your lips, back of your neck and tops of your ears too.

-Try to seek for the shade all time. Stay in the shade under the tree, umbrella or roof and avoid direct sun exposure…

-Protect your skin with a long sleeve cloth, hat…

-Wear sun-protective clothing and you don’t have to re-use sunscreen all the time

-Take care of your eyes too. UVA rays can damage your eyes too. Use ultraviolet blocking sunglass to avoid risk for cataracts.

-Avoid tanning beds. They emit much more UVA rays than the sun itself.

-If you have a sun-sensitive skin, you can use an ultraviolet coating on the windows of your vehicle while driving.


Be smart. Practice safe sun and protect your skin Practice moderate sun exposure and avoid inadequate UVB exposure.

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  1. Great post and so crucial for people to know. My only concern is your suggestion that people use sun screens. I haven’t put a lot of time into researching it, but have thought occasionally on this…I wonder if using sunscreens hasn’t actually brought us to a place where we are soaking in enough chemicals that it is affecting our bodies negatively and/or reducing the amount of sun that is getting through and actually causing deficiencies in vitamin D and E which aids the development of cancer.

    But other than that, good for you for bringing it up so that folks can check themselves on their own D & E needs.

    1. I thought that is better to use sunscreens than something serious. In every case, I’m out in the morning and after 4 pm. I use sunscreens 50+ if I have to go out in the peak time.

  2. Yup!! No sun does give depression. No wonder they say, that “go get some sun” when you look dull and depressed 👍🏻👍🏻

    Great article and very informative!

  3. Great post! I know I need to work on getting more vitamin D on a regular basis, but being in the pacific northwest, I usually end up having to supplement with drops that I put in my water. Not the best solution, but it’s what works during the dreary rainy months right now.

  4. So refreshing to read about proper sun exposure and not another piece of content telling everyone to stay out of the sun. We need these beautiful rays of sunshine kissing our skin!

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  6. Great information! I like how you mention protecting your eyes. I live in Colorado and it’s always sunny here. My eye doctor recommended sunglasses that have a brown tint to them instead of black and said it was better for protecting your eyes. Has anyone else heard of that?

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I don’t know anything about the color of the tint. My sunglasses are always black

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