HPV virus in women Problem You Should Never Ignore

HPV virus in women Problem You Should Never Ignore

HPV virus in womenHPV virus in women

HPV virus in women is sexually transmitted Disease. Women in their younger age, are very vulnerable to this disease.

  • Every woman who has sex at the early age
  • Younger women who have sexual intercourse without protection
  • Every woman who has multiple sex partners
  • Every woman who has sex partner who has had a lot of  partners
  • Every woman who abuse intravenous drugs.
  • Every woman with impaired immune system

has a chance to get HPV.

Types of HPV virus in women

There are over 100 various types of HPV virus in women.
Some of them cause genital warts, some of them cause cervical and vaginal or anal cancer.

Genital warts appear as small bumps or large cauliflower-like growth on the vagina, on the anus and the uterus.

Treating genital warts depends on the female. If she doesn’t deal with them, they may stay the same, go away or increase. Genital warts will not cause or turn into cancer.

Some HPV viruses can cause cervical, vaginal or anal cancer.

That is why it is necessary every woman visit her gynecologist every year to make pap test. If HPV kind which causes cancer is found in Pap test – the woman can be treated before it becomes too dangerous and she gets cancer.

Main symptoms of HPV in women are:

The women can develop symptoms long after having sex with someone who was infected. That is why is hard to know when she was infected for the first time. Main symptoms are:

  • Itching or burning sensations in the vagina;
  • Discomfort in a woman’s genital area;
  • Pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse;

Currently, there is no cure and there are no drugs which that can treat this virus.  You can take the vaccine for preventing the infection or remove HPV warts and precancerous and cancerous cells with surgical procedures. But the virus might still be there. The partner might get HPV even after the HPV warts are removed.  The doctors prescribe immune-boosting treatments as a treatment in order to minimize the outbreaks caused by HPV. Here is the natural remedy which is used for HPV virus in women treatment. Results of herbs may vary from person to person. What works for some people, does not work for others.

Home Remedies for HPV virus in women


Red Centaury (Erythraea Centaurium) 50g
Lemmon Balm (Melissa officinalis) 20 g
The mountain tea (Origanum vulgare) 20g
Sage (Salvia Afficinalis) 20g
Anise  Seed (Foeniculi Fructus) 10g
Basil (Ocimum basilicum )10g


Mix all the ingredients.
Pour two tablespoons of the mix in 500 ml boiled water.
Leave in place for 10 min.
Strain the liquid.
You can add honey as much as you like,
Half an hour before your meal, drink this tea three times a day.

At the same time consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. The best way is to consume this tea, is with carrots and beets for two months. You can make juice or eat them separately or as a salad. If you can tolerate some of these ingredients, you can consume two lemons and one citrus every day.

Sleep enough. Reduce your obligations. Avoid Stress.
This will help you to boost your immune system.

Use Pollen and Propolis with the tea too.  Use the pollen for two months and then take a break for 4-5 months. Every day take ten drops of propolis with sugar or water.

Homeopathy Remedies for HPV virus in women

Homeopathy is a good way to treat the HPV. Here is the homeopathy treatment according to Dr. Ajay Yadev.


Calendula can be taken orally or used as Calendula oil on warts. Calendula oil acts efficiently in removing warts caused by HPV infection.


Thuja is a psychotic remedy for the genitals. It is especially indicated when there are genital warts. Thuja stimulates the cells in the immune systems that are needed to kill and search the virus infected cells.

Medhorhhinum Symptoms of the sexual organs including vaginitis, cystitis and related urinary and sexual diseases are:

  • Menstrual or reproductive issues including discharges, menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea).
  • If you have a family history of ectopic pregnancies and other fertility issues.
  • Chronic discharges from the nose and sinuses on this remedy.
  • Hyperactivity, restlessness, guilt and shame issues and compulsive/obsessive type of behaviors.

Most of the time the person who suffers from this disease feel worse at night. But, the person can feel better after discharges. Also, the person can feel better at the seaside or with movement.








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  1. Acoording to guidelines set by the ACCP the pap, if done with the high risk hpv test, is only every five years for women over thirty. For women 21-30 it’s every 3. No paps are to be done before 21 no matter the sexual history. —GYN Nurse

    1. There is no risk if done a pap when you need. I live in Europe. Here we done pap every year and if there are any gynecological problems twice a year or more. We monitor the progress of the illness with pap and if there are any additional complications, we get new therapy. What if I tell you that pap safe the life of one 18 years old girl. According to pap she has cancer and she removed it with surgery. She is still alive because of the pap.

  2. very nice information everyone should follow these. I think these are really some of the important tips that you have shared. I Got some good idea about this topic.

    1. I’m glad you find this article helpful

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