Natural Treatments of Stress Hives

Natural Treatments of Stress Hives

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The worst thing about stress hives is that they just appear, as if out of nowhere. Conventional treatments of stress hives can have unwanted side effects, so it best to go for natural therapies. You can get hives from allergic reactions, but stress is the number one cause of hives, and those little red bumps can appear anywhere on your body, in particular on the face, the thighs, and the upper arms. And yes, they are very itchy.

Here is how you can heal stress hives naturally

– Reduce Your Stress Levels

If stress is what caused the stress hives in the first place, then it makes sense that getting rid of anxiety will help with the hives. Try exercising, yoga, getting a massage…anything to give your body a break from stressful factors.

– Don’t Make Them Worse

If you are at a risk of getting stress hives, you better hope for the mild kind that will not itch as much. If these appear, the best remedy is to leave them be. They can disappear, just as they came, without your intervention. Hot water and tight clothing could irritate them further, so avoid these. This only applies if the hives are mild.

– Take An Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is full of healing magic, and when it comes to welts, taking an oatmeal bath is a common way to get rid of the inflammation naturally. Use a cup or two of the raw grain, and after tying the oats up in a cheesecloth, run your bath water under the cloth. This will allow the salicylic acid in the oats to soak in your bath. However, extreme temperatures tend to make hives worse, so when taking this bath, make sure the water is just warm enough.

– Deal With The Inflammation

Calming the inflammation will help get rid of hives faster. Avoid using harsh products both on your clothes and on your body. Take warm baths, or simply use a cool compress on the hives to reduce the inflammation.

– Baking Soda

Make a mixture from baking soda and water and apply it on the affected area. The paste should them be left to dry on the skin before it is removed. This will soothe the irritation, sometimes almost immediately, and also prevent new hives from popping up. Dabbing a mixture of vinegar and water on the affected area could also help with the itching.

– Acupuncture

This treatment is best recommended for chronic hives. By stimulating specific parts of the body, acupuncturists will help relieve the pain and itching that comes from stress hives.

– Good Old Witch Hazel

Being an anti-stringent, Witch Hazel will contact the blood vessels that surround the hives and prevent the infection from getting worse. Simply dap this product on the infected area several times a day.

Hives, except when they are chronic, can be quickly dealt with. If the condition is serious, it is advisable to see a professional, but most of the time, hives are usually not serious and can be treated at home. There are a lot of ways to treat this condition, but natural treatments are the best way to deal with hives without making them worse.


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