DIY Vitamin C Serum: Stop Natural Process Of Aging Using This Formula

DIY Vitamin C Serum: Stop Natural Process Of Aging Using This Formula

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A different kind of DIY Vitamin C serum is uploaded on the internet now and then, and this is for a good reason.

These serums are usually concentrated with Vitamin C compared to store bought lotions and creams, and because if this, they provide the best skin care available in the market. Vitamin C is healing for both oily skins and skin susceptible to acne and other forms of infection.

Vitamin C serums can also moisturize dry skin if layered with other products, and if you are worried about where to get the ultimate DIY formula, then you should know that making a serum from scratch is not hard at all.

Why is Vitamin C Important?

Vitamin C is the most important component in the construction of collagen in the body; an element that gives the skin its elasticity and keeps it youthful. By using a vitamin C serum, therefore, you are counteracting the natural process of aging, but that is not all vitamin C serums are useful for.

Vitamin C serums, in as much they are essential for the reasons mentioned, are quite costly. Another downside to these serums is that they are made with a fast degrading form of ascorbic acid. Using a DIY Vitamin C serum will ensure that the product you use is fresh and safe for your skin.

The DIY Vitamin C Serum Formula

To make your own serum, you have to dissolve L ascorbic acid powder into a water-based product. Don’t use a crushed vitamin C pill in place of L ascorbic acid crystals which you can get at any health food store. Here is an outline of the full procedure:

What You Need

– About 1/4 a teaspoon of L ascorbic acid

– Four tablespoons of distilled water to dissolve the acid powder and two tablespoons of glycerin to give the serum some texture.

– A dark colored container to store the serum since it oxidizes easily.

Making the Serum

– Dissolve the powder in the water and store the mixture in the container is only using L ascorbic acid and water

– If using glycerin, simply stir it into the mixture and store.

– Vitamin C is highly acidic, and if you use too much too fast, then it will irritate your skin instead of helping it.

– If you need less serum, simply cut the recipe in half, and if you need more, double the amounts.

In storing your DIY Vitamin C serum at home, make sure you use a sealed glass or plastic container and keep it refrigerated. To protect the contents of the container from light, wrap it in aluminum foil. This, however, is no permanent way to store the serum as it will inevitably degrade after two weeks, forcing you to remake it.

Mixing the serum with glycerin should give it some moisturizing properties and also make it go a while longer without degrading. For the best results, apply the serum on your clean skin each morning or evening and allow it to set before using any other body products.

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