Coconut Oil :15 Benefits of Coconut Oil to the Skin

Coconut Oil :15 Benefits of Coconut Oil to the Skin

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Everybody loves coconut oil; even the name itself makes it sound authentic. You, however, don’t have to take me at my word, read on and find out the benefits of this oil to the skin.

Here are 15 Benefits of Coconut Oil to the Skin

Treat your Cold Sores

All you need to do is dab a bit of the oil on the sores, and they will heal faster.

The oil also reduces the pain you feel from these sores and keeps them from scarring and discoloring.

It Works on your Cuticles

Next time you need to loosen up your cuticles for cutting, use some of the oil. It will change your entire manicure experience.

Prevent Diaper Rash

Rubbing just a tablespoon of this oil on the area of the skin affected by diaper rash will help reduce the pain as well as the itchiness. The oil even helps take down the redness of the rash and restore your skin back to normal.

Get Softer Hands

The friction applied to our hands from everyday tasks like washing dishes could make the skin rough and hard.

Buy some oil (coconut) and keep a bottle of it next to the sink so you don’t forget to rub some on your hands every time you clean them.

For your Face

The oil has moisturizing abilities that make it the perfect cleaning agent for your face. If you want to get rid of pimples while also keeping giving your skin the hydration it needs, then coconut “miracle” oil is for you.

 Repel Insects

If you mix about 50 drops of essential oils with eight ounces of this beneficial oil, you can make your own insect repellant.

You can use oils from eucalyptus, lemongrass, or mint, and you may need to apply on your skin multiple times a day, but it is a very natural and efficient way of keeping insects at bay.

Coconut Lip Balm

The skin on the lips is very soft and cannot, therefore, withstand harsh chemicals for long. Using natural ingredients to make your lip balm will help restore the moisture and smoothness without giving you any negative side effects.

Other Benefits of Coconut Oil

I promised you 15 benefits, so here are some more.
– Use the oil to remove your makeup before bed.
– Use the oil, together with a few drops of essential oils during massages.
– Moisturized your scalp and hair
– Use the oil instead of shaving creams (prevents razor burns).
– Rub the oil onto stretch marks to repair the skin.
– Rehydrate and reduce inflammation on your skin using the oil should you have a sunburn.
– Use the oil to make natural body butter for your skin.

– Use the oil as a night cream to help rehydrate your skin as you sleep.It smells amazing (can be used to make deodorant), and can also be used for cooking. Who knows, maybe coconut oil is one of the few things that will survive until the end of humanity, and in the meantime, why not use it to improve the health of your skin?

Why Use the Oil?

You might be asking yourself why you should use coconut oil when you can get the very same benefits from an over the counter drug. Well, here is your answer;
– The oil is an all-natural product that has minimal effect on your skin
– Unlike over the counter drugs, the oil is available at an affordable price

– Thanks to low molecular weight in its particles, the oil can penetrate into your skin deeper than average products

Try it today and get that radiant, healthy bounce back on your skin.

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  1. I had noooooo idea how many uses there were for coconut oil! Wow. I have a relative that cooks with it, and I hadn’t thought about anything else really. Thanks for this post!

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