Get ready for a more confident you! Part One

Get ready for a more confident you! Part One

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Get ready for a more confident you! Part OneGet ready for a more confident you! Part One

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the course =>Get ready for a more confident you!

In this course, we will be looking at how to boost your confidence and become more confident in a range of ways that can help you appear calm and self-assured no matter what the situation.

Let’s start by looking at the power of networking, and how this skill can help you to become more confident and broaden your horizons.

The Power of Networking Can Help You Become More Confident

Networking can be one of the most influential ways to build your confidence, especially if you are struggling with it because you are older than many of your colleagues at work. What you know is important, but who you know helps open doors to new opportunities. There are some reasons why networking should be on your list of things to do each day.

Connect with Industry Experts

Networking can help you connect with top people in your field. We are judged by the company we keep, so you can also position yourself as an expert through these connections. LinkedIn in makes it very easy to connect with thought leaders all over the world. But don’t forget to make the most of conferences, tradeshows and other industry-specific events to network in the real world.

Your local Chamber of Commerce also hosts live events such as talks by top speakers, so look out for any that might be a good place to network to achieve your business and personal goals.

Gaining New Business Opportunities

Networking can bring you, new customers and clients. People do business with people they like, so being personable, with an air of confidence rather than arrogance, can help you make great deals and demonstrate a solid record of achievement. Even if the person you connect with does not need your services, if you make enough of an impression, chances are they will give you word-of-mouth marketing in the form of a recommendation.

Getting a New Job

Studies indicate that around 70% of job vacancies are never advertised. Instead, they have filled through “the hidden job market,” otherwise known as your network. If you are looking for a new opportunity, don’t be shy about telling people. If you have been marketing yourself well, such as on LinkedIn and resumed sites like Monster, don’t be surprised if people approach you to see if you are interested in working with them.  Visit  JoobleJooble  is one site where you can search jobs  in 71 countries.

Turning Contacts into Connections

A meeting is just the first part of networking effectively. But as the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. As with any successful relationship, you need to take time to cultivate it, and there will be some give and take.

Always keep your online profiles up to date and carry business cards with you. You should soon be able to network like a pro without stress.

In the next part, we will look another confidence booster, learning new skills.

Until next time,

I would love to connect with you!


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