Brain cleaning program

Brain cleaning program

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Brain cleaning programBrain cleaning program

For years, the brain’s blood vessels have been piling up harmful substances and fat that are weakening the circulation of our blood and are causing the blood vessels to decay slowly. Consequently, a migraine occurs as well as dizziness and in the worst case scenario a stroke. For the brain’s blood vessels incremental decay age shouldn’t be the only thing that’s blamed, bad diet, smoking, consuming alcohol in large masses and not being active enough physically have a large part in their decay as well.

The good news is that the brain blood cells may be cleaned. We recommend that this cleaning should be conducted at least once a year.Results may vary from person to person. What works for some people, does not work for others.

To make this process even more efficient, we recommend to throw out the excessive fat as well as the canned, spicy and salty food, and the processed meat products. Also, if you are not physically active during the day start going for walks every day. Half an hour of walking every day can do plenty for our health.

Start eating tangerines in the morning. They may help you clean your brain blood cells.

Try to eat one tangerine, and a teaspoon of raisins and three walnuts for breakfast. At least half an hour after eating that you shouldn’t eat or drink anything.

Some combinations for cleaning your brain:

   1. Garlic and olive oil

You should peel and mash one clove of garlic, and you should mesh it with 1dl of olive oil. You then proceed by pouring it in a jar; Then close it and put it in a fridge for 24 hours. Every morning half an hour before your meal you should take one teaspoon of oil with one teaspoon of lemon juice and a bit of hot water. You should drink it between 30 and 90 days.

    2. Honey and olive oil

In 1dl of hot water, you pour one small spoon of honey, one small spoon of olive oil, one small spoon of lemon juice. You should take that dose in the morning half an hour before your meal. This treatment lasts for 40 days.

    3. Cumin and Valerian

Five teaspoons of cumin seed and two teaspoons of valerian root are poured with 2l of boiling water, and it is left covered for the duration of the night. Then you drain it and sweeten it with natural honey, you then proceed to drink it throughout the day. This treatment lasts for 21 days.

    4. Wort and Chamomile

You make a mix with equal parts of wort, chamomile, Helichrysum aquarium (also known as dwarf everlasting, and as immortelle) and leaves of birch. Two teaspoons of this tea are poured into two cups of boiling water, and it is left sealed for one hour. You then drain it and drink it throughout the day. Treatment lasts for 40 days.

    5. Apiary products  

Besides various herbs used to clean the blood vessels of the brain, additional apiary products should be used like honey, royal jelly, and Propolis. You can take these individually or add them to the before mentiоned herbal drinks (do not add when the drinks are hot, add them when they have cooled off)


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