Get ready for a more confident you! Part Five

Get ready for a more confident you! Part Five

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Get ready for a more confident you! Part FiveGet ready for a more confident you! Part Five

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the course =>Get ready for a more confident you!

Six ways to step out of your comfort zone

In the previous part, we discussed how to become more confident in the workplace. Today we want to look at how stepping out of your comfort zone can enhance your confidence and enable you to start living the life of your dreams.
Stepping out of your comfort zone builds self-esteem because you are able to challenge yourself, take different actions, and succeed in accomplishing your goals.

How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

1. Understand that you are the author of your own life
You are the person who can set goals, take actions, and improve your life in a range of ways – including working on boosting your self-confidence. While it is true that you can’t control everything that happens in your life, you CAN control your responses to the unexpected.

2. Accept that you can only grow if you are challenged
Think of what it was like when you first went to school. It might have been hard at first, but with each new challenge you learned more and grew. If you had continued to do first-grade work from ages 5 to 18, you would never have been ready to go to college. In the same way, challenging yourself to learn new skills and try different things will prepare you for the career you want and the life you wish to lead.

3. Tell yourself change is possible
A positive attitude towards change can spur you to try. The opposite of change will be stagnation, and you certainly won’t get the life you wish if you are stuck in the same place all the time.

4. Ignore negative self-talk
Your mind will find dozens of reasons to not do something. Ignore this and practice positive self-talk to encourage yourself.

5. Cultivate better habits
Take the uncomfortable step of assessing yourself in terms of any bad habits you might have. Then try to cultivate better ones. For example, if you struggle with time management, study more about this topic, keep a work log, and so on, until you know what you are spending time on each day and what you are getting done. Cutting down on time wasters and time eaters can help you get a lot more done, which in turn will boost your confidence.

6. Set goals and track your success
This will help you keep moving forward and enable you to feel proud of your accomplishments.
The more you step out of your comfort zone, the more you will feel empowered, which is one of the best ways to increase your self-esteem.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it. Now it is up to you to take action to boost your confidence and start living your best life.
To your success!

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