Five Ways Not to Deal with Stress

Five Ways Not to Deal with Stress

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Five Ways Not to Deal with StressFive Ways Not to Deal with Stress

We all suffer from stress in the modern world. Fortunately, there are many healthy ways to deal with stress. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few unhealthy ways many people try to deal with it, which usually results in bringing on even more problems.

Here are five of the main ways NOT to deal with stress

1. Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol to “take the edge off” is a bad way to deal with stress. Alcohol is a depressant. It can also impair your ability to function. If you’re stressing about work, the last thing you want is to arrive at your desk every morning with a hangover and headache.

Alcohol also loosens inhibitions and can cause people to indulge in risky behavior a sober person never would. Some people “hook up” with strangers to try to “escape” from stress and “have fun.” This could potentially lead to unsafe situations with a stranger and even sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy.

Driving while drunk puts your life at risk and that of any other person on the road. Binge drinking (that is, drinking too much alcohol in a short space of time) can lead to alcohol poisoning and even death.

Getting to the point where you drink every night and feel like you can’t cope without a drink is alcoholism, an addiction it can be tough to break free from. It is also an expensive habit which can lead to money worries. Also, it can harm the kidney, liver and has been associated with seven different types of cancer.

2. Smoking Tobacco

Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive drug. It will help give you a rush of energy, but it also affects your breathing and heart rate and constricts your blood vessels. Over time, this can lead to tissue death in the extremities, leading to the amputation of fingers and toes.

A burning cigarette exposes you to more than 400 chemicals, many of them toxic. It is an expensive habit and one that is very dangerous to your health as well as finances. It has also been linked to nine different types of cancer, including lung, bladder, and pancreas.

Think e-cigarettes and “vaping” are safer? Wrong. Studies have shown that even one of these severely stresses the heart.

The dangers of smoking tobacco are well known. If you find yourself lighting up automatically at home or running out of the office for cigarette breaks, it might be your time to quit.

3. Using Illegal Drugs

Uppers, downers… no matter which kinds of drugs you use, they are illegal, can be dangerous, and cost you big time regarding money and jail time/reputation if you get caught. If you work in a job that requires regular drug testing, you could also lose your job and entire career.

4. Emotional and Binge Eating

Some people have a link between mood and food. When they are stressed, they resort to emotional eating and even binge eating. In both cases, they eat unhealthy foods. With binge eating, they can eat many more calories than is healthy. Healthy eating can help you cope with stress better than being on a sugar high.

5. Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine can give you a buzz to help power you through your day, but it is also a drug that can make you overly stimulated and led to trouble falling asleep. Eight hours of quality sleep per night is essential. If you can’t live without the taste of coffee or tea, try decaf. And skip the energy drinks. They often have the equivalent of five cups of coffee regarding their caffeine content.

There are many other ways to deal with stress, so avoid these five which will only make the situation worse.

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  1. These are some great ideas to stay calm and stress free during the holiday season. I just need to work on the caffeine. 😉

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